I rented the DVD, Hulk. The story is quite plain. But there is a lot of CG. If you like that, the movie will be ok. I just felt like I was watching a cartoon.

Safety arrived in Brisbane

In Sydney, there was a bad weather. The sydney airport has closed around 30 mins. My flight was delayed for one and half hour. I am ok about that. The things scared me. After the plane took off for a few minutes, there was an announcement, due with some little turbulence near Brisbane. The plane would not provide hot drink. I started to be worrying. I remember that was after take off around 30 mins, I felt the plane was shaking. Suddenly, I felt the plane was falling a bit. Then the announcement gave me "ALL CREW PLEASE SEATED". I am scared! I am very scared! I was thinking whether this times would have some problems. I put my book under the seat. I was trying to find a solution, Should we find a nearest airport? and waiting for tomorrow to continue the flight. But I know I am not a professional to solve that. Nothings I can DO! Waiting, I forgot to pray. That things I should do. After the remaining 35 mins flight, when I felt the plane was shaking, I started to pray. After the plane landed, I talked to myself. I can’t give without God, Without Him, I am helpless.


平安到步,回到 Brisbane.Sydney 的天氣很差,航班推遲了一個半小時。我已經很倦了。不過,最糟的事,起飛不久,已經有公佈,因為有可能遇到氣流,所以沒有熱飲供應。我已經心開始驚起來了。之後,我還感到機身搖晃。好怕、好怕、好怕!之後,機長在公告,"ALL CREW PLEASE SIT!"我已經在想會不會有事的。我想好不好提意找一個機場降落,明日再飛。但我知道,我根本沒有專業知識去解決問題的。我什麼也不可以幹。好吧!我忘了我可以祈禱的。我開始平靜下來。在餘下的大半小時的機程,我都是不時祈禱,當機身搖晃,立刻祈禱。平安到步Brisbane 之後,我內心說一句,我不可以沒有 神,我不能靠什麼!

I will miss Sydney

Maybe, I do not need to travel for work anymore. I can stay at my home for longer term. That is good. Home Sweet, Sweet Home. During this year, I have not much time at home. But I will miss Sydney. I know a number of good friend. Maybe, I will travel to Sydney for holiday at least one per year because of the friend in here.

Retail Industry has responsed, Discount, Discount, Discount

I got a number of discount vouchers during last few weeks. This afternoon, I had a lunch with my friends in Sydney. They got a lot of discount vouchers as well. I think Retail Industry has realized the market is not very good.

By the way, please be careful, you got an email claimed as a discount voucher and asked you to sign up your details. One of my friends said some of them are faked. Your details may be stolen. please be careful!