Creative Industry in Hong Kong

Financial industry is the key business in Hong Kong. So, this crisis, Hong Kong got hit directly. Some people has asked can we have other industries to provide Hong Kong economic. I think Creative Industry is worth to support. I read a lot of Hong Kong Magazine are very bright and colorful. Moreover, Hong Kong Product Designers are very  a creative as well. They gave a lot of added value in the product. For example, I have seen a lot of fancy speakers in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong people are good at turning around. Most of Hong Kong people are full of ideas in their head! Support Creative Industry in Hong Kong. This is not a joke.

What is it going wrong?

Last Friday night, asia, UK and US stock market was falling. A lot of people try to explain. The fund managers was cashing out, the people lost the faith on the stock market, ….. a lot of different answers, but I really don’t know there are one of them is a real reason, or the real reason is hidding….. I don’t know what is it going wrong?!