Now is a good time to invest R&D

The job market is going into a down turn now. The salary is getting lower as well. I think that is a good to invest R&D. Because the cost is lower. When the job market is hot, that is very hard to find a good people to research. The good people are attached by the higher salary "real" job.  In addition, I think that is the down turn won’t last too long. The market is always up and down. R&D takes time. Now, we started to do R&D. After a few years, the R&D will be completed and you can see some outcomes. Then, the market should be recovered. Well, that is the right time to launch to the market. So, don’t miss the time.

Noodle Market


Last times I went to Sydney, there was a food festival at Hyde Park. It called Noodle Markets. There were a number of food from various countries, such as Chinese , Dutch, Japan.

I only had a fall ball. Because I am not a kind of person to enjoy outdoor dinner.




This week market

On the close of market, ASX 200 is 4051.3. That is not too bad But two companies went into receivership, ABC Learning and Alloc.

At the mid of this week, we had some positive effect from US election. But the effect seems to be gone.

I am still optimistic. The market is higher than before.