Quantum of Solace

I have watched "Quantum of Solace". I gave 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. That is not a bad movie. Before I watched this movie, my friends said that is not good. Well, if you want to watch a classic James Bond, that is not. You will be very very disappeared. In this movie, there no fancy cars and weapons. Even No Dr.Q is in this movie. But that is not boring. The movie is still full of action. But that is more Blonde Identity Style rather than James Bond.

One things I think that is good. There are more story lines than before. The movie has a theme of "anger" and "past". In the movie, Bond is trapped inside these two elements.

Christmas Tree

That is late Nov. Christmas is not far away. So, Christmas Tree is getting setup every where.

 I took some photo about the Christmas Trees which I think those are special.

This is at Sydney Town Hall. At night, all lights are on, I think that is beatiful.

They are in QVB, Three Stories HIGH

A big Advertisement

I saw a big animated advertisement on Georg Street. That is using a powerful projector to screen the advertisment on a white wall of the building. I have not seen this kind of thing before in Australia


Have Not recovered completely yet

I got up at 4.30am yesterday and I went to bed on 11pm. That was a normal situation if I need to fly to Sydney.

I got up at 7pm today, 8 hours sleep plus I got some sleep on the plane as well.

But I have not completely recovered yet. I need more sleep tonight.