Safety arrived in Brisbane

In Sydney, there was a bad weather. The sydney airport has closed around 30 mins. My flight was delayed for one and half hour. I am ok about that. The things scared me. After the plane took off for a few minutes, there was an announcement, due with some little turbulence near Brisbane. The plane would not provide hot drink. I started to be worrying. I remember that was after take off around 30 mins, I felt the plane was shaking. Suddenly, I felt the plane was falling a bit. Then the announcement gave me "ALL CREW PLEASE SEATED". I am scared! I am very scared! I was thinking whether this times would have some problems. I put my book under the seat. I was trying to find a solution, Should we find a nearest airport? and waiting for tomorrow to continue the flight. But I know I am not a professional to solve that. Nothings I can DO! Waiting, I forgot to pray. That things I should do. After the remaining 35 mins flight, when I felt the plane was shaking, I started to pray. After the plane landed, I talked to myself. I can’t give without God, Without Him, I am helpless.