I graduated in a Brand 5 Secondary School.

Yesterday, during lunch, I talked with brothers and sisters about my old secondary school life. That period is crazy. Maybe, they were feeling I was telling some made-up stories. But those stories are true. They happened. Some people know me, they can’t believe I graduated in a Brand 5 Secondary School. In their mind, they may think me from a famous school in Hong Kong. I grow up in well-educated family. No, No, No, not. I lost my parents when I was 2 years. I brought by my monther’s sisters. They completed their Secondary School. They are educated people, but very not well educated. I had not so many books when I was a child. ( I have a number of books now.) They don’t like reading at all. They more perfer to spend money on food, rather than buying books.

Well, maybe, I am pretending a “blue blooded” person, which am helping to get into my current friends’ group. Most of them are from a middle-class families. Their parenets are well educated, at least got a university degree. They are a kind of professionals. They are accountants, nurses, doctors…..




Is Hong Kong Home Town?

I grow up in Hong Kong and borned in Hong Kong.
But Hong Kong has not given me a chance to study university.
Hong Kong is not a good place.
But I have a good friends in Hong Kong.
This is a kind of Love and Hate Hong Kong too.


S701 was the lab we were using when we were in Honours class. We had worked hard in there. We did our uni work unitl 9pm , then we went to “cyber city” having a dinner together. We had lunch in Jap resturant. Even we got the menu from the restuarnt to S701. I think this menu is still on the broad. Of course, we had somethings crazy. We got the overhead projector to have Movie night in S701 too.

Those things all happened around two years. Our S701 people are quite hard to get together. Last sunday, most of us got together, that is because Jared got married. I think in future, we can meet each together because of some special events.