Let yourself go

Sometimes, they are saying every one treats us badly. Actually, we are not letting ourselves go. We treat ourselves badly. The people around us is affected. Even, we did something to the people around us. Finially, every one has burned out. Leave us alone.

Let youself go, mate!

Something meaningful

today, I listened a radio show online. The hosts said we can choose to be sad or happy. When they get sad, that is our choice. Our whole life have a lot of different parts. There are some parts to cause happy.

Being simple

This is a good to be simple. I found the simplest way to make myself happy. That is going out for dinner. I just bought myself a AUD$10 lunch. I found it so tasty, after 5 days canned fish lunch. That is so good to have a simple life.

a strange day

Last night, I had a nightmare. I wake up 5:50am this morning. This morning, I went to office, a collegue told me I looked so serious. …..

I think I treated myself too bad. Then I left my office at 4pm. I rent a DVD, Prime. I watched a movie and ate a better dinner.

Now , I need to have a good sleep.