I graduated in a Brand 5 Secondary School.

Yesterday, during lunch, I talked with brothers and sisters about my old secondary school life. That period is crazy. Maybe, they were feeling I was telling some made-up stories. But those stories are true. They happened. Some people know me, they can’t believe I graduated in a Brand 5 Secondary School. In their mind, they may think me from a famous school in Hong Kong. I grow up in well-educated family. No, No, No, not. I lost my parents when I was 2 years. I brought by my monther’s sisters. They completed their Secondary School. They are educated people, but very not well educated. I had not so many books when I was a child. ( I have a number of books now.) They don’t like reading at all. They more perfer to spend money on food, rather than buying books.

Well, maybe, I am pretending a “blue blooded” person, which am helping to get into my current friends’ group. Most of them are from a middle-class families. Their parenets are well educated

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