Melbourne Trip Plan

I wish to share my trip pan for Melbourne. I hope it can help to plan your trip.

1. City Travel (day)

Must Visit:
– Melbourne Museum
– Take Free City Loop Tram
– Victorian Parliamentary
– Flinders Station

Crown Casino (Night)
SkyDeck(Night) – See Night view of Melbourne City

2. Great Ocean Road – That is 13 hours trip. Don’t rush that. The great ocean road is 8 hours on road. Moreover, because of the length of trip, I recommend you join a day tour.
Have a walk city after that

3. Melbourne Zoo – I was just relaxing on that day after the day trip to Great Ocean Road.

Trams in Melbourne

In Melbourne, the best way to travel around the city is using Trams. I did, that is very comfortable and high frequency service. Normally, I only need to spend five mins for waiting. Moreover, that is a free city circle tram. That is for tourists and they use some historical trams to serivce.

Too bad, Brisbane has not trams services.

By the way, I did a google search. I found some information from Wikiepdia. Melbourne Trams is the world largest network and more than hundred years old. Go to, find out more.

Skybus – Melbourne

That is no train services from Melbourne city to Airport. That is very unlikely for a big city. They have Skybus and other coach services.

I used Skybus. That cost $16 per trip(I bought from Blue Holiday, but that is same price to buy at airport). Every 10 mins, there is a bus to city(Southcross station). At Southcross station, they have a free connection service to City hotels. I lived in Holiday Inn on Flinders. That is only a few blocks away. Walking is the fastest way in my case.

Twelve Apostles -> 9 Apostles

The tour guide said now Twleve Apostles is acutually nine Apostles. Three of them fell down.

That is the one of stones fell down, that used to be a stone roll like those are remaing.

The guide said the weather is cause the stones are decaying. If you have a chance, go to them visiting.