Gen Y, Gen X, Baby Boomers?

This afternoon, we have some discussions about the name of our generation.

I stated we are Gen X. We borned by Baby Boomers. Someone said no, Baby Boomers should only born during early 40s. Our parents should be GenX and we are Gen Y. Then we changed to talk about which generation our kids belong to be. Now, some of them call themselves Gen Next.

 Is it funny?

Today was fully booked.

Another busy day, I got up at 8:15am. 9:15, I brought Eli to car hunting. Up to noon, then I had lunch with him. At 1pm, I have a personal appiontment. Then I went to supermarket. At 3.30pm, another personal appointment have been done again. 4 to 6 pm I went to Gym. After that, I used an hour for preparation of my dinner. After my dinner, I went to church. Now, 11:25pm, I finally can a break now.

God is so fair.

I think God is so fair. Everyone needs to be headach about his/her life. No matter, you are rich or poor. If you are not rich, you will be headach about your daily life, such as food, housing and clothing. If you are rich, you will be headach about somethings big. For example, should we go to buy that company? But if you want to have peace, this is the one way, being with God. He doesn’t care whether you are rich or poor, He is still your shelter.




這年已經是一個人住第六年。今日用了三小時打掃,兩小時洗碗,兩小時弄午餐及晚餐。整日說的話不過十句。又辛苦又苦悶。 其實每一天,每一個星期也是如此的。周未的生活當然是如上的。平日的生活都是沒有什麼太大的分別,只是不用打掃。早上,煲水弄咖啡及吃麵包作早餐。之後,就是弄三文治作為帶回公司的午餐。接著就是開車上班。放工到家中,已經是7時多了。做一個快手晚餐,吃完,洗碗。一般來說都已經9時多近十時了。看看書,或是打公司文件。便要靈修,睡覺的。 一個人就如此。平淡,不過,總好比一些朋友好。相好同住難。有同屋好煩的。