London Broken Bridge

London Broken Bridge is another major attraction at Tweleve Apostles National Park. It used to call London Bridge. Because it looks like a bridge and walk over on it before. But some time, the rock is decaying. The bridge is broken, the people can’t walk near as well.

Heat Wave Hits Aus!!!!

Adelaide and Melbourne both got more than 40Degree. In Melbourne, Australia Open is held in there now. I hear the news said some players claimed the heat. Moreover, because that was too hot, the management of Stadium needed to close the roof of Stadium. And last night, because of hot weather, a lot of homeholds turned on their Air-conidition. The power network was overload, there were huge black down yesterday. I hear the radio news this morning, the train in Melbourne were full of tired people who could not sleep without air-con. Luckily, I am not in Melbourne this week, that is much cooler in Brisbane

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Great Petition

This artwork is just  placed near Parliament of Victoria on Dec 2008 (around a month before the time I took this photo. This is for celebration of the 100th year anniversary of women’s right to vote in Victoria.

This is inspired by the giant petition on 1891, with 30,000 signatures for the equal right of votes. So, it looks like a long roll of paper.


Parliament of Victoria

Parliament of Victoria, How’s beatiful, is it beautiful? I went to NSW and QLD, there are not that beatiful of parliament house.  The tour guide said in late 1800, near Melbourne, the people found a gold mine. So, a lot of people went to there for gold minning. Moreover, because there is a lot of gold. So, the Melbourne city is rich. That is the reason, there are a lot of beatiful buildings.




Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo, that is one of places I recommended for your Meblourne Trip.  Firstly, that is easy to access, you can reach by Train or Trams. I took Train from City to there, that is around 15 mins. Moreover, there are a number of rare and cure animals. Such as, Elephant and Griaffes. If you have kids, I will highly recommend you to visit there. The kids must love that.

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