Where do you live in Hong Kong? Are there in City?

"Where do you live in Hong Kong? Are there in City?" I have asked a thousand times by my Local Australian Friends. Actually, Hong Kong is  a city. That is nearly impossible not to live in City. (Yes, there are a number of remote area in Hong Kong, but 99% of hong kong people are in City). In Hong Kong, normally, we will ask where do you live. But there are very rare to ask where do you live in City. But in the most of countries, the most of people are in sub-urban area and some live in City apartment. That is very common to ask, whether your area are in City area.

Boxing Day 2008

I was at Queen Street Mall on the Boxing Day. There were full of people. Some shops, such as Nine West and Guess, even need to line up at enterance.

I don’t think the crisis hit that bad in Australia.

Brisbane’s Christmas Tree

Even northern busway station completed, King George Square is opened again. The Christmas Tree are not located in there anymore. It located at Brisbane Square same as the previous years, the time of construction for King George Square.

Too much Wii

Last night, I had my birthday party with my brothers and sisters at home. We played Wii games for an hour. Moreover, I had a great flight with Andrew for Wii Sport Boxing. When I got up this morning, my arms are so painful! Now, that is still pain!!!!!Smiley