First times tasted the busy crowd on train.

I planned to dinner with friends at Eastwood at 6.30pm. I left home around 5.30pm. An hour time, it should be enough. But I spent 15 min for lining up to buy a ticket. Then I missed a train. That should be only a bit late. I need to wait for the other one on next 10 min. Moreover, the train was late. That was around 5 min to 10 min late. I have spent around extra 30 min. OK, I missed the dinner! I put more more extra time next times.

Creative Industry in Hong Kong

Financial industry is the key business in Hong Kong. So, this crisis, Hong Kong got hit directly. Some people has asked can we have other industries to provide Hong Kong economic. I think Creative Industry is worth to support. I read a lot of Hong Kong Magazine are very bright and colorful. Moreover, Hong Kong Product Designers are very  a creative as well. They gave a lot of added value in the product. For example, I have seen a lot of fancy speakers in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong people are good at turning around. Most of Hong Kong people are full of ideas in their head! Support Creative Industry in Hong Kong. This is not a joke.

Be my own boss

When I tell the people I meet first times, I work in IT industry. Next question they will ask, "Are you working in your own company?" Of course, I am not. In the people mind, IT = freelance. I don’t like to be freelance. Firstly, as a software developer, in the market, there is very rare, the jobs for a freelance. Software needs to be more salse support. That is not good for freelance. Freelance is a kind of one-off job.

Secondly, I am lazy. I like to be an employee. I only need to care about the tasks within my position. I don’t need to do any kind of business planning, hunting around for the new jobs.

Well, Well, Well, I am happy to be an employee.

Buying time?

Yesterday, someone recommended me to buy aussie share. He said that is cheap. For long term, the market will be up again. He gave me the chart of ten years stock market. The market was up and down. But that is higher than ten years. I believe for long term, I can earn the money if I buy some share and sell ten years later. But Now, Cash is king.  I really don’t know which stock is good.