Is Hong Kong Home Town?

I grow up in Hong Kong and borned in Hong Kong.
But Hong Kong has not given me a chance to study university.
Hong Kong is not a good place.
But I have a good friends in Hong Kong.
This is a kind of Love and Hate Hong Kong too.

So missed our coffee time

A few years ago, we went to Edden Coffee Shop after our fellowship. Tonight, we went to coffee shop again. We had a very nice time and good chatting about Bible. But Edden Coffee Shop has changed the owner and we went Garden City to have coffee today. A lot of things changed, I went to workforce around two years. Ming got marry. Tonight, we were with his wife too. Time is gone so far

Another sister left.

Tonight, a sister left brisbane and went back to Sydney. Another person left. During these six years, I have met a lot of brothers and sisters in this church. But they left now. Nelson is in Melbourne. Many Many are in Hong Kong now. Volume & Salon, Thomas Chan, Winnie Yeung, Winnie See, Tammy, Mr. Shek, Gray, etc…… I miss all of them.