New Year Eve Dinner

At the new year eve, we finally arrived at Cairns. After around 10 hours driving we are very very Hungry.  We went to Esplanade Street
The most of famous restaurants are located at Esplanade Street. This is a CBD of Cairns.

We found this one. This is a Italian style restaurant. We  ordered a pizza and a bowl of pasta. The atmosphere is quite good. All tables are on the street side. You can see the ocean on your seat. Moreover, it didn’t cost too much. It cost around $15 dollars per person.

If you don’t like eating in restaurant, there is a food court nearby. As I remember, it calls Night Market. There are some takeaway shops in there.


A beach

Near Cairns, there are a number of beach like this, very very beautiful. But don’t to go to the beach has not a life guard. Because a lot of beach have Jellyfish.

Information Center

I suggest Information Center should be your first stop when you arrive a place. You can know all attractions by near, the most things you can get a map. This can prevent you lost my way.

Moreover, the staff in there is very friendly and helpful. They guested a lot of good places to us

Day 1 On road

Near the Gympie, I saw that big pineapple in front of a shop

That is funny. I believe it has around 5m height.

By the way,during the trip, we were driving at the road like that, complete no car at all. That looks like we owned the road. Well, actually, that is not 100% the case. Because we drave near new year. There were a lot of speeding camera aside the road.

Day 1 Lunch

Around 1pm, 30/12/2006, we stopped at a small town. I can’t remember the name. Just a very small town. There are only a few shops. Moreover, we came there during the holidays period. Almost all shops were closed. Only one convenience store opened. That wasn’t too bad. I bought a chocolate and a bottle of ice coffee in there.

Day 1

Day 1.

We started my car around 6am.

This is a rental car. And it is larger size and more powerful than our own. This is the reason we chose to rent this car rather than use our own.

We have drove for ten hours. Then we stopped over night at Mackay and stayed at backpacker which cost around $45 per a family room.

Personally, I don’t recommend stopping over night at Mackay. Mainly, there seem to be so many attractions.